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Restaurant for ceremonies and events

Restaurant for ceremonies and events

The cuisine of Il Poeta Contadino Restaurant revisits the dishes of the traditional Umbrian cuisine, proposing them in a contemporary way, combining flavors and playing on contrasts.

Thanks to our large rooms and more than 1000 square meters of garden, our venue is suitable for the standards against Covid19.

We are compliant with the new rules!

The ideal restaurant for your ceremony or event

Il Poeta Contadino is the ideal restaurant to celebrate ceremonies or to organize events of all kinds.

It is the perfect place for any occasion.

Every aspect will be studied in detail because we prepare everything carefully in order to guarantee fresh and quality products. Nothing is left to chance.

Restaurant for events
Ideal restaurant for events
Restaurant for ceremonies Perugia


Restaurant for baptisms

To celebrate the christenings of your children we offer large buffets for all tastes, set up in the dining rooms or in the large outdoor garden. To conclude this important day you can choose from many custom cakes.

Restaurant for first holy communions

Il Poeta Contadino offers cozy rooms and large outdoor spaces to celebrate the day of holy communion of your children. Our cuisine is accurate in every detail, modern but at the same time inspired by the Italian tradition.

Restaurant for confirmations

Tables set up according to your needs will make special the day of the confirmation of your children. When the temperature is mild, the refreshments can be held in our large outdoor garden surrounding the pool.
Restaurant for baptisms
Restaurant for first communions
Restaurant for confirmations

Business dinners

The large spaces of the restaurant Il Poeta Contadino allow to respond to any type of request, so it can be the ideal place for business dinners. Our staff can develop customized menus on request, always focusing on local quality products.

Graduation dinners

For your graduation party we can study personalized solutions for every need, both for lunch and dinner. We can propose dedicated menus or customize the courses according to the wishes of the guest of honour and the needs of the guests.

Restaurant for events

We take care of the smallest details of our menus to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Our qualified staff will be happy to fulfill your every little or big request, for any important occasion for you.
Restaurant for business dinners Perugia
Restaurant for graduation
Restaurant for events

Pastry Chef

Finger Food

Who is the Pastry Chef? The Pastry Chef is the person who prepares the pastries for restaurants: the desserts he creates must be in line with all the other proposals on the menu, good to taste but also to look at, with attention to every detail.

The pride and joy of our Pastry Chef are the Finger Desserts: sweet single-portions of different shapes and colors, they are the latest trend of haute patisserie, with a delicate but strong taste.

Cake design
Finger Food
Wedding cakes
Pastry Chef - Il Poeta Contadino

Our wine cellar

The creativity and refinement of our chefs is accompanied by a high-level wine cellar that offers customers about 70 labels selected among the best of the national scene.

Wine cellar

Indoor halls

Large covered spaces in case of bad weather conditions.


The Pagoda Room is an excellent location for your wedding, as it can hold up to 300 guests. Wide, bright and circular in shape to be always at the center of attention of all guests.


The inner room, obtained inside an old greenhouse, is smaller and more intimate and can hold up to 150 guests and is communicating with the garden, ideal for your cocktails and aperitifs with an unforgettable view of the beautiful Umbrian hills.

Round room
Square room

The exteriors


The large outdoor garden is the perfect location to meet your guests for welcome cocktails, curated appetizers and buffets with fruit and desserts, and where your guests can seat during your wait.


Il Poeta Contadino has an important dedicated Barbecue area. During the wedding is the “Show Cooking” area, where you can taste our first quality meats or seafood specialties, strictly freshly prepared.

Exterior garden
Exterior barbecue


The pool area can be set up as a location for the initial aperitif or to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. The magical backdrop of the Umbrian hills make it a perfect location to spend the best moments of your wedding.

Entrance Avenue

Our entrance boulevard allows you to enter the scene in the best possible way, admired by all your guests. You can set up the entryway as you want: ribbons, flowers, colored lights or simple candles, as you see fit to achieve the desired effect.

Pool with garden
Entrance Avenue


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